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God has written a story of freedom and deliverance in Tera's life that she is passionate about sharing with the world. Whether she shares in a prison or a church, Tera uses God's truth to both comfort others in their own pain and encourage her audience to fight for the abundant life that Jesus has in store for them.

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What People Are Saying

"Tera does an incredible job connecting with her audience and opening the door for hope. So often our pain, injury, or perceived inadequacy digs itself into our psyche and becomes a part of our identity. That can be a dark place. Tera's experiences demonstrate how God offers us healing and a new identity on the other side of our pain." 


-Whitt Jones,

Gallatin Valley FCA

"Tera is a masterful speaker. Her ethos flows from her subject matter expertise and her ability to establish quick but meaningful rapport with her audience. Her pathos stems from her compassionate heart and genuine love for people. Tera’s logos is rooted in her easy to visualize, no nonsense, specific, and concrete illustrations and examples. I believe any audience will be blessed to have Tera share her message of faith or her story of perseverance. A word of warning to the listeners: Be prepared to be be moved. "


-Dr. Andrei C. Duta, CCIM,

Freedom Church

"Tera is the perfect combination of grit and grace. Having gone through her own arduous journey with physical and emotional pain, she knows how to both empathize with and empower her audience. She shares HER story and HIS Truth in such a powerful way that, as a listener, you simultaneously feel comforted, convicted and compelled."

- Trish McCarthy,

Chasing Squirrels Podcast

Tera Bradham DeNeui - Speaking Reel

Tera Bradham DeNeui - Speaking Reel

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Ready to invite Tera to share her journey of freedom?

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