I'm Tera, and I have a passion for helping those in physical pain live in miraculous victory over adversity. In addition, I’m consumed with a desire to propel our generation to chase God-sized dreams.

My story birthed these heart cries through suffering and triumph. Although my testimony is riddled with trials, it is also laced with miracles. I have journeyed through incredible success as a young swimmer, seven years of a chronic, undiagnosed injury, begging to die, the anger and depression of an abandoned promise, a miracle surgery that restored my degenerating arm, and the triumphant victory of a life lived in defiance of the world's boundaries.

After I finished my collegiate swimming career at both the University of Arkansas and Texas A&M University, I spent 11 months traveling through South America on a mission trip called the World Race. Since then, I’ve taught middle school Spanish, coached a high school swim team, and dabbled in triathlons. I met my husband and moved to Bozeman, Montana, where I now travel to share my story and get to change lives through the ministry we have launched called Heal.



I am honored to share my story across the country and world as an inspirational speaker and Christian author (gracias a mis amigos quien son hispanohablantes). Although I can’t be in many places at once, my books and podcast allow people to gain insight into God’s truths wherever they are. 

I also exhort people to action through encouragement on social media. You can engage with me at @terabradham


Before I can help anyone experience healing, I have to give credit to my Healer, Jesus Christ. I am a lifelong learner who has the pleasure of expressing the miraculous wonders God has accomplished in my life through the power of the written and spoken word.

It is my deepest heart cry to use the suffering and anguish the enemy meant for my destruction for the resurrection of countless lives. We can live in our truest freedom, regardless of our physical, mental, or emotional circumstances, but we have to fight for it. This ministry is meant to bring freedom to those in bondage and to demolish strongholds the enemy has deceived people into believing are permanent. We must grasp and use the authority Christ died to give us. I hope you’ll join me in fighting to live a life worthy of the calling we have received.



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