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Both YouVersion and Tera share a common vision that the Word of God transforms us and sharpens us into becoming more like Christ. That's why we have partnered together to share with you the following reading plans to help you experience God's goodness straight from his written word.

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We all experience difficult seasons of trial. This plan will encourage you through whatever dark time you are facing, guiding you from feelings of inadequacy through hoping when all seems dark to rejoicing on the other side. Refocus your heart on God’s character, and be pointed to his power, wisdom, faithfulness, and love instead of your circumstances or failures. You’ll be redirected to lean on God’s strength, not your own.

From Chronic Pain to Constant Praise

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Physical suffering and chronic pain can feel a lot like walking through fog. Pain consumes you until you feel lost, unable to find your way out of the mess. But, you are seen, known, and loved. Discover God's goodness and His plan to redeem your losses in this 6-day plan.

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