Step into the miraculous.  

Live a life in defiance of the world's boundaries.

Tera is an inspirational speaker and Christian author. She writes about dealing with chronic pain, injury, and overcoming impossible obstacles.

The Vying For Victory Podcast is now available!

Join us as we vie for our victories together! Tune in for inspiring testimonies of those who have grown stronger in Christ through their physical pain and trials.

In a world that idolizes health and prosperity, we don't know what to do when confronted with debilitating pain. Discover what it means to live in freedom, not in spite of your physical limitations, but because of them. Dive into 21 days of discovering a God who will transform your pain into a miraculous victory over adversity.

The incredible true story of Tera Bradham. From finding her identity in early success, to a seven-year misdiagnosis ending in a degenerating biceps, to her unexpected miracle, Tera's story will inspire you to trust in a God who can accomplish more through your life than you ever dreamed was possible.



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